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Young Teacher

For Teachers

“Thanks for letting me pilot the software today. It was really cool! My students loved it and so did I. Is it OK if I make more lessons and play around with it some more?”
Jennifer M., Teacher

Empowers teachers gives teachers the tools they need to quickly and easily design and deliver engaging small-group instruction. By easing the burden on teachers, frees teachers to focus on supporting the learning process and enables them to give additional attention to those students who need it most.

Encourages active learning

Peer learning is a more active form of student learning. Instead of passively listening to a lecture, with few opportunities to actively engage with the material, peer learning requires students to actively participate in their learning. Students absorb the content and immediately put it to use, either teaching or quizzing their classmates or using the material in a group discussion or debate.

Provides customizable templates provides specialized templates that support the design of peer learning lessons in any subject, including science, social studies, math, and language arts. As a result, can be used throughout the school day in any classroom.

Automates lesson logistics

During lesson delivery, manages membership in learning groups (including changes required by late-arriving or absent students), distributes instructional materials, directs student activities according to a pre-specified timetable, supports teacher observations of student behavior, and delivers post-lesson group activities, content reviews, and assessments.

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