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An evidence-based technology, funded by the National Institutes of Health, that guides and supports all activities during small-group peer learning lessons, making peer learning easy and fun for teachers and students.


Benefits of

Active, student-centered learning

Cooperative or peer learning is a thoroughly researched educational practice, with consistently strong positive effects. As a result, can provide a variety of benefits for teachers, students, and schools.

Electronic Circuit

For Teachers enables teachers to: (1) provide a more powerful peer learning experience through greater design fidelity in peer learning lessons, and (2) provide peer learning more frequently, with less stress, and a great likelihood of success, through greater instructional support.

For Students

During peer learning lessons, students are more likely to promote the success of one another through instrumental and emotional support and sharing of ideas and resources. These positive social interactions lead to greater social acceptance and more positive relationships among students. Out of these positive peer relations come improved behavior, social-emotional skills, mental health, and academic achievement.

For Schools enhances instructional quality using evidence-based small-group lessons, while also providing many of the benefits of external curriculum-based programs, including bullying prevention, drug and alcohol use prevention, and social-emotional learning.

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Dr. Mark Van Ryzin will be presenting at the ISTE Creative Constructor Lab ( on Oct. 8th at 3pm PST. He will share the key design principles that contribute to successful small-group instruction. Please drop by - we'd love to meet you! You can use the code CCLPRESENTER for $10 off any ticket.


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